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Let’s be straight right away: home cleaning can be an extremely stressful thing to undertake. Everybody is so busy with whatever activities they usually do to pay the bills that cleaning their homes to taste is near impossible to accomplish themselves. Furthermore, some are hesitant to hire a professional cleaning service, majorly because they don’t know the type of house cleaning they will get. While others simply find the process of hiring a home cleaning service too complicated and unclear. That’s where we come in…

Clean Crown Ltd is a professional home cleaning service provider that is dedicated and committed to making sure that your dream house remains the same – a crown jewel. With our team of professional cleaners, we can come over to your home and do anything from a deep clean to a straightforward wipe down of your furniture and electrical appliances. Most importantly, we provide top-quality cleaning you won’t find with other companies.

Home Cleaning Packages On Offer

We have several cleaning services that are geared towards ensuring that your home remains squeaky clean. You can easily select the ones that best suit your needs.

  • Standard Clean: This is a service that involves general house cleaning that includes areas like kitchen, lounge, living rooms, bathrooms, and bedrooms. When we come in, our cleaners carry out dusting, sweeping, mopping, vacuuming, polishing, and more.

  • Deep Clean: Now, this is our more comprehensive cleaning service. When you called us to do a deep clean, we hand wash cabinets, vacuum upholstery, polish every wood, clean the oven, ceiling fan, and every blade. When you want deep, we really go down to the basics of cleaning.

  • Move-In/Move Out Clean: Here, we basically perform the same cleaning tasks as we would for a deep clean minus or plus some extras. The key here is that you’re in complete control of the extras we add or remove.

Crown Clean With Unlimited Customizations

Unlike other Cleaners, we don’t choose what cleaning tasks to do for you. We let you decide. We offer flexible add-ons within every package to ensure you get the best cleaning for your home, even to the smallest detail. Every home is unique so we give you all you want and nothing you don’t.

The Crown Clean Process

We know you’re busy and your time is of precious value so we keep our process simple and easy. No matter the packages you opt for, The Crown Clean simplified process remains the same.

Here are the steps we process for all our clients:

Step I: Select Your Service

We got a large collection of cleaning services we provide. Browse them and pick exactly what you want. You enjoy a discount on all the packages when you schedule us for recurring visits. We recognize the value of a long-term partnership so we treat you accordingly.

Step II: Schedule When We Visit

Whether you are booking online or through a phone call, you can select one of many time slots available for visitation. This way, you are in control and your convenience is never disturbed. You expect the cleaners and can be sure that the job gets done.

Step III: Enjoy The Crown Jewel Experience

As soon as we leave your abode, you can begin enjoying the crown jewel experience. When we come into a home, we only leave after a job well done. There’s no excuse. We come, we deliver a crown-worthy experience like the royalty you are.

Reach Us Today. Now!

You’ve got other things to do, and we only know how to keep your home squeaky clean. Why not reach us today? Take a step back and let Crown Clean come through for you.